ChainHop Open API

ChainHop swap open API instruction

This document instructs the developers to integrate Chainhop swap via open APIs and open source TransferSwap Contract.



End-to-End Sequence diagram

The Sequence diagram of the source chain.

The above flow only indicates the core integration flow for developers on the source chain.

After submitting the bridge request as step 10, SGN will relay the corresponding tokens or messages on the destination chain. To know more about Celer IM, look at this documentation.

Once the token/message arrives at the destination chain, there should be a deployedTransferSwapContract/Executor which will execute the signed message. Hence you need to make sure that the destination chain is supported before the integration. Check out contracts from this page.

So simply focus on steps 2 and 8 to finish your integration on your dApp.

Get routing data from Chainhop server API.

Quote & Swap

Interact with TransferSwap Contract on source chain.

Contract: sendTransaction

Get Swap Status from Chainhop server

Get Swap Status

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