Reclaim Stuck Funds

Since swapping and bridging has multiple moving parts, in very rare cases, it could cause unexpected failures and your funds might be stuck in the contract. To ensure our users' fund safety, we've implemented a way for user, and only the user themselves, to withdraw funds designated by a specific swap.

Since stuck funds in explorer is a very rare case, currently there is no UI implemented to ease this process. The process should be easy enough if you follow this guide.

If you find your swap pending for an extended amount of time...

Please contact our customer support for your case. There is a high chance that it's only a history display issue rather than funds being stuck. If our customer support determines fund being stuck is the case, we will guide you personally for withdrawing your fund.

Steps To Claim Stuck Funds

1. Go to the blockchain's explorer

Our CS will provide you the link (we'll use Arbitrum as an example)

2. Connect wallet

Note: if you don't currently have the chain selected, MetaMask would prompt you to switch network first.

After switching network, click on MetaMask again to actually connect the wallet. This time, a text prompt would pop up and please click on "OK".

Once you click on "OK", the "Connect to Web3" button would now turn green. You could verify the address displayed on this button to ensure you are using the right account.

3. Claim The Fund

Now that the wallet is connected, we can start claiming the fund using the input data you obtained from our customer support. Click on "claimPocketFund" to expand the tab.

The input data you would receive from our customer support looks like this:

_srcSender (address)

_dstReceiver (address)

_nonce (uint64)

_token (address)

Input into the respective fields and click on "Write"

Then, you will get a wallet pop up and from there you can confirm and send out the transaction.

Now, wait a while and then check if you have received fund.

Good luck hopping!

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