Cross-chain Swap

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process for making a cross-chain swap on ChainHop.

Video Tutorial

Connect Your Wallet

Before exploring the different features offered by ChainHop, you will need to connect your wallet.

Click "Connect Wallet", and you will be prompted to select a wallet.

ChainHop currently supports MetaMask and WalletConnect in desktop browsers. This tutorial will use Metamask as an example. After connecting your wallet, you should now see your wallet address and your current chain in the top right corner of the page.

Swap Tokens Across Chains

Let’s say, you want to swap 0.1 BNB from BNB Chain to USDC on Polygon. The steps are made simple in ChainHop:

  1. Select "BNB chain" in the dropbox under "From" and "Polygon" in the dropbox under "To". Under the token button you can see your current balance of the token.

2. You will be prompted to switch your wallet to BNB Chain if it's not already connected.

Select tokens to swap.

3. Enter the amount you want to swap. You should see the estimated amount you will receive on the destination chain.

4. You can adjust the Slippage Tolerance of the cross-chain swap. Your swap may fail with a very low Slippage Tolerance. The minimum slippage tolerance you can set is 0.15%.

Note that fees will incur for each swap, which will cover the cost of cross-chain message passing and gas fees on the destination chain.

You can also see the best route that ChainHop provides for cross-chain swaps.

5. Review your swap details and click "Swap". You will receive a popup for swap confirmation.

6. You will be prompted on ChainHop to confirm the cross-chain swap. Review the swap details and click "Confirm Swap".

7. Then you will be prompted to confirm the transaction in MetaMask. Click "Confirm".

8. After confirming on MetaMask, you have submitted the transaction. You can check the transaction status in “Pending” in the top right corner of the page, which shows the estimated time of arrival.

It takes some time for the funds to arrive at your wallet on the destination chain. On MetaMask, you can switch to the destination chain, which in our case is Polygon, to check if you have received the funds. Alternatively, you can also view your transaction status via Binance Blockchain Explorer, which can be accessed via a link.

9. When the swap is completed, the transaction status will turn to “Completed”.

You can also view your transaction history in “My Trades”.

Congratulations on successfully completing your first cross-chain swap on ChainHop!

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